At Sky Cars Rental, we strive to make your time on the road a little less stressful and a lot more delightful.
Get a car at your doorstep, wherever you are, without paying an extra fee. Simple booking Process: No need to upload documents or go through all the procedures that renting a self-drive car entails. Our booking process is so simple and streamlined that you can book a cab in under a minute.
Safe and Sanitised cars: Your safety on your trip is our responsibility. We take extra care to sanitize and air our cars before and after every ride. Our employees are trained on the best practices of vehicular and personal hygiene as per the guidelines issued by WHO.
In 2021, our focus will remain on continuously creating differentiated value for the inter-city traveler. We have several exciting offerings lined up, the most prominent being ‘Package Offers’ to key tourist and business destinations. With your support, these initiatives will transform road travel into even more memorable and exciting journeys.

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